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Manage tasks
and projects

Organize, categorize and prioritize tasks quickly and easily. Keep track and work more effectively.

Create teams,
delegate tasks

Create workgroups and delegate tasks to team members. Always know what everyone in the team is working on. Complete projects faster and more successfully.
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Track time and
daily activities

Record activities and working hours, make utilization transparent and optimize it. Export times and bill open positions.

Set appointments and due dates

Describe projects in detail, upload attachments, add participants, and set due dates. Work towards a goal.
Martin right now jetzt gerade 😀👍 😀👍 Leah Alles klar, dann mach ich mich jetzt an die Arbeit. Great, then I'll getto work now! vor 11 Min 11min ago Martin Sorry, I forgot to forward it. Check your Postbox. Sorry, habe vergessen es weiterzuleiten. Mail ist raus. vor 14 Min 14 min ago Leah vor 16 Min 16min ago Hat der Kunde schon sein Logobereitgestellt? Has the client provided their logo yet?

Commenting and brainstorming

Comment and discuss tasks. Upload attachments. Get Notifications and stay informed about all progress at all times.

Capture thoughts and ideas

Create individual notes. Record and keep track of your thoughts, ideas and goals on the dashboard.
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Evaluate processes and procedures

Evaluations of current working hours and open tasks provide a clear overview of progress and current workload.

Manage Clients

Easily manage clients, address data, and linked tasks and projects, and keep track of open tasks at all times.
Aufgaben Tasks Projekte Projects Chats Chats Termine Dates Kunden Clients Alarme Alarms Notizen Notes Zeiten Hours Teams Teams Apps Apps Analyse Analysis Cloud Cloud

LYRIA provides a comprehensive and strong package

From task management to reliable cloud connectivity and data synchronization, Lyria provides everything you need to digitize your work.

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Lyria is perfectly suited for many industries

  • Marketing agencies
  • IT service providers
  • Software development
  • Human resources
  • CRM & sales
  • Event managers
  • Architects
  • Public administration
  • Research facilities
  • Associations
  • Creative teams
  • Departments of all kinds


Lyria offers transparent, fair prices and a free trial.


for 1-2 users

Trial version with limited lists and workspaces. For individuals and small workgroups who want to manage their tasks. 


für non-business users and teams

Unlimited lists, attachments and workspaces - for you and workgroups of all kinds. Without business functions .
per user


for freelancers and companies

Enjoy Lyria with all business functions (time tracking, customer management, controlling tools, etc.) and helpful premium support.
10€ / month
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